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I doubt anyone has any photos to do a walk thru,
The entire setup electrically is not any more difficult then swapping in a regular car stereo, the only thing is you have to keep the original in there as well.

How i started.
First buy a new faceplate find one as cheap as possible.
Then flip it around and remove everything from it, just leaving a bare plastic shell. the front volume.power control button is removed by pulling on it pretty hard, everything else has a screw holding it.

Once you have a bare shell, take your new stereo an mount it in the dash using original brackets, then find a way to mount original stereo below it as it will still be somewhat functional. once you figure out how and where everything will go its time to start cutting the face.
something like this

With every stereo i bought there is generally a square trim piece for the front of the stereo.
So you install stereo on its final place, then you lay trim ring on the stereo and finally you lay your freshly cutout faceplate into final position. I used plastic weld to tack trim ring to the faceplate, once plastic weld is cured, take the faceplate now with attached trim ring off, and start filling in the gaps and make it pretty again.

eventiually it will look like this.
Well I'm reviving this thread with a question, I trying to install a single din stereo in the glove box to keep the OG looking part, I connect all the cables to the radio but it doesn't give audio out, in the new radio, do I have to left illumination connected to the old radio and what else?
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