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APPLICABILITY: 2008~09MY Tribeca



Subaru of America, Inc. has determined that certain 2008 & 2009 Tribeca models may have
been produced with an improperly installed Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) G sensor. This
sensor is designed to be mounted in a forward facing direction but may have been installed
backwards during production.
There is a potential safety risk associated with this condition. The VDC G sensor is a
component of the vehicles electronic stability / traction control system and is located in the
passenger compartment beneath the center console. If the sensor was improperly installed,
vehicle handling characteristics during hard braking, sudden turns or other quick maneuvers
could cause the vehicle to react in an unexpected manner or result in unstable handling. Under
extreme conditions, the driver could lose control of the vehicle and a crash could occur. The
driver would have no prior warning that this condition exists.
The Owner Notification letter, found at the end of this bulletin, recommends the vehicle driver
“turn off” the Traction Control System until the inspection and, if necessary, repair is performed.
Disabling the system will eliminate the possibility of a malfunction associated with
an incorrectly installed VDC G sensor. Please refer to the letter for additional information.
This recall will involve inspecting the position of the VDC G sensor. If the sensor is found to
be installed correctly, no further action is needed. If the sensor is found to be installed incorrectly
(backwards), the sensor must be removed and reinstalled in the correct position. The
VDC system will also require reprogramming to ensure proper operation. Please refer to the
Service Procedure section of this bulletin for more details.


• 2008-2009MY Subaru Tribeca.
Potentially affected vehicles are identified in the VIN range chart below. Prior to performing
repairs, confirm coverage for potentially affected vehicles by using the Vehicle Coverage
Inquiry in the Dealer Communication System (DCS).
Model From To
2008MY Tribeca 84418312 84420236
2009MY Tribeca 94400001 94406703
DATE: Dec. 2008

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That almost ruined my weekend especially since we are getting our once a decade week of below freezing temps. I looked up my VIN number and my car is under that range. How can they be so precise on the VIN number range? Did Jimbo sub for a few weeks at the plant and install a few thousand backwards?

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I'd wager it's literally a handful of cars (ie: <10), but being a "major" simple flaw, they have to at least check for it.

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Just a pain to now have to bring it in

Says alot for subaru to bring in temporary workers to build these cars. I staff temporary workers and know what a horrible job they do. lol Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!
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