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For all of the Tribeca owners who want to firm up the rear differential mounting points and add some positive steering and ride control.

I installed the Whiteline KDT905 and KDT927 yesterday and took my Becca for a drive. The results are subtle but well worth the effort. I don't sense any extra NVH unless I'm into the throttle and then I sense extra rear differential "growling". Under normal cruising conditions I cannot sense anything.

The best part is braking and steering have both improved both on and off power. The best way to describe the feeling is that an anchor is no longer dangling out of the rear of the Becca.

Braking feel and control feel much better managed with the weight of the vehicle no longer coming over the top of the rear to the nose. The Becca now has a nice even squat and the weight does not feel out in front of the nose.

Steering response and control are much more improved and feel close to the Ascent. The rear tracks in a arc much closer to the arc of the front track meaning that the rear no longer is acute in its tracking therefore less steering correction is required to negotiate the given corner. Power feels like its being transmitted from the rear tires forward under acceleration giving the driver the sensation of a more rear biased powertrain.

First step is to remove the spare tire. Then there are 8x 14mm bolts holding the spare tire mounting system to the vehicle. 4 horizontal and 4 vertical, all must be removed and the mounting system moved out of the way. There are 2x 17mm nuts holding the top of the differential to the subframe. Remove them.

The install of the KDT927 is simple and straight forward. Insert the new bushings into the voids of the existing OEM bushings. They can only go in one way. Be sure to use all of the supplied bushing grease from the Whiteline package. Put the grease in the voids and on the faces of the OEM bushing. Lube up the Whiteline KDT927 bushings both front and rear and insert. Use the supplied washers to cover up the rear of the new bushings and replace the 17mm nuts and torque to 51.6 ft/lb.

The installation of the KDT905 is a bit more involved and required me to take the "dogbone" to my machine shop to have the OEM bushings removed.

Locate the dogbone that runs left to right accross the front of the rear differential after the driveshaft mounting point. There are 4x 17mm nuts the must be removed, 2 vertical and 2 horizontal to drop the dogbone away from the bottom of the car. At this point I tried to use my 20 ton Harbor Freight press to remove the bushings but I didn't have enough power.

Once I received the dogbone back from the machine shop sans OEM bushings I cleaned the bore that held the bushings and installed the bushings and crush tubes that came in the KDT905 package by hand. I used all of the supplied grease to lubricate all contacting surfaces and proceeded to reinstall the dogbone. As they say installation is the reverse of removal. The 2x 17mm horizontal nuts need to be torqued to 81 ft/lb. The 2x 17mm vertical nuts need to be torqued to 37ft/lb.

To complete the project reinstall the spare tire mounting system torquing all of the 8 14mm bolts to 24 ft/lbs. Reinstall the spare tire and enjoy!
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