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2 pics attached.

One shows 2 Hex bolts, I've cleaned them but they are both seem to be weeping oil, what component is this? I didn't want to go and tighten more in case I stuffed something, only seems slight drip.
2nd one I've circled an area, has the bolt that goes into there been overtighten and cracked something? Oil nearby might be from there, not sure.


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seems like engines front - have you tried looking at parts catalog or FSM?
1) those two hex bolts might have orings underneath.
Oil Pan - 2008 Subaru Tribeca - those plugs might be somewhere here - looks like I might be wrong about orings. then - just undo them, let it come out whatever is behind those doors, clean, put weakest sealent on threads (or teflon) and tighten them properly (with torque wrench, of course).
2) looks like chain cover (the one at engine block)...
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