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Tried the Legacy sprinsg on the rear.

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Ok, I had mentioned that I purchased a set of stock Leagacy springs and was going to try them. Well tonight I got the rears put on. And its deffinitly a no go. Rather then lower it it actualy raised it about 3/4 of an inch. :eek:

On the plus side it did get rid of the understeer. But the wheel gap just ain't going to cut it so going to try something differant.
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OK, there still might be hope. Turns out the dealer ordered the Legacy Outback Springs which turns out are the same as the tribeca springs. so he re-ordered the regular none outback ones and going to try those.
Hopefully the next ones work. Are you getting wagon or sedan springs? I think the wagon rear springs are at a higher rate.
hawker800mech said:
Hopefully the next ones work. Are you getting wagon or sedan springs? I think the wagon rear springs are at a higher rate.
He was a little more carfule on his ordering this time around and checked the part numbers and the springs for the wagon and sedan are the same part numbers. Now there is a slight differance of the top hats on the springs. But so far they work ok.
Sadly no. Havn't had time to try it. With a new baby moving to FT, Campbell and Deploying in two months there just hasn't been time. Sorry guys when I get back in 15 months I will more then likely make some custom Coil-Overs.
Congrats on the baby and be safe over there! Don't forget about us when you get back.
I'd like to see a B9 dropped.
Thanks guys, I have been thinking about it and I might actualy do some airbag struts. reason beeig so that I can adjust the height when ever I want. I was driving home the other day and sall a little dirt road that looked like it led to a river so I drove down it will I was verry impresed with how well the car did down the road after it turned into nothing more then a grass covered valley it deffinitly lacked clearance to keep going the direction I was going. this won't let me adjust for a stiffer ride but this is a family car after all so thats not as important.
Has anyone tried the old method of cutting part of a coil off the factory springs?
hot rod tribeca mods

i know the hot rod guys here in socal very often achieve the desired drop by heating up the stock coils....:eek:

there is a reason these guys are artists... taking a torch to four coils and achieving the same drop has to take some practice and skill.;)
Taking a torch to a spring is not in the best interest of your car, period they aren't artists they are just cheap. Their is a difference, the heat will affect the spring rate. If you are going to do something do it right.
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