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Tbo Centrifugal (belt driven) unit vs Roots style

I am considering tbo charging my"Beca" but I want to spend as little as possible. Now the question is which kind?
Centrifugal (belt driven) unit vs Roots style.

The centrifugal unit is easy to install and has a reduced foot print and depending on how is geared, could create constant boost.

The "Twin-screw" (Roots style), although preferable, is harder to inter-cool, plus, due to its much bigger size, is harder to fit it in. As well it requires to be put after the throttle body, thus making the installation very inconvenient.

However, despite the inconveniences, the Rooits style provides a much better throttle response and when producing boost, providing you have a bypass valve, it has only a drain on the engine.

Any suggestions/recommendations? Brands, second hand units, bolt in kits, etc?

Thank you.
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