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Subaru 4x4 Vs. the competition

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I saw this on another website. the video is a little bit long but makes me happy that i decided on a Subaru Vs. the Murano.... kicks a$$! Greaat educational video for someone in the market for a 4x4.
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It's a great video. Biased, of course, by Subaru, but I think that the point they make is true, and the reason why I'm choosing to purchase the 'beca over the many other crossover SUVs. Subaru, with its electronically controlled center differential, seemingly does have a distinct 4WD advantage over many other AWD cars that have no way to apportion the power between front and rear. So- the 'beca seemingly gives you a bit more off road capability than the typical AWD crossover. However- you of course haven't seen it compared to, let's say, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which would blow the Subaru away in off road capability (but not on road handling), or the VW Touareg- which would keep up with the Subaru on road as well (but that wonderful vehicle has other issues)

I do wonder, however, how it would compare (off road) to some of the new small crossover ute's that have a button to manually lock the center differential- such as the new Rav4 or even the '07 Santa Fe?

I had a friend who had a Murano (love the styling) but said it got beaten up pretty good on rough roads and was certainly not an off road capable CUV.

Nevertheless- the 'Beca appears to be just the right compromise between tremendous on road handling and feel, luxury at a reasonable price, quality, and a better AWD system for semi-rugged terrain which is all most of us will ever need unless we're specifically searching out rugged 4WD road experiences. If so- get a Wrangler/Hummer/FJ.
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there are a many cars to be become! there are selection
Be nice. I don't imagine that your Latvian is any better. (Although I don't understand what he said either)
bdieffenbacher, play nice or don't play.
I'll play how I want to play, thanks.

I'll play how I want to play, thanks. Ant, I was nice, I didn't actually use the curse word.
bdieffenbacher said:
I'll play how I want to play, thanks. Ant, I was nice, I didn't actually use the curse word.
:lol: no you won't. you'll play nice or not play. ;)
Easy tough guy

I gotta love you moderators, your so tough. “I'm gonna kick you out.”

Do you even realize this person, Dakra or darga, or whatever his or her name is, is just f'n with us all? Trying to get a rise?

You do what you have to do. But, if I want to let this jerk know to stick it, then I will. Even if your lame, "everyone play nice", attitude on these boards says I shouldn't.

I could have done a lot worse than quote a line from Pulp Fiction.

I'm sorry you don't see the humor in that, and would hope that you can mellow out in the future and take a look at what’s going on.


i gotta love hearing this "your so tough" line. (which i think you meant "you're so tough.") very.... original.

even though we are here to keep things in order, and remind members such as yourself of the rules you agreed to upon signing up, (which you are probably the type that doesn't read it), we still have to hear that same lame line from someone with nothing really better to do or say.

for someone as "wise" as you that says draga is only trying to get a rise, why are you the only one playing that game?

so we'll do this... if you have an issue with someone, send them a private message to discuss your concerns with him instead of trying to blow it up in a thread with someone else. in this case, you'll save yourself the headache next time and save me the trouble of deleting your posts or your account (or anyone else's for that matter).

i could've kept it short with a quote from Four Rooms: "Behave." ;)
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Ubg is right.

I really tend to think when you go so far as to label yourself “the executioner”, you probably really like the feeling you get from being able to tell members of this or other forums what to do. Sorry but I have to point that out. You really do think “you are so tough”. (Don’t worry - I don’t take a simple grammatical error as an insult coming from a guy who doesn’t use proper capitalization, nor do I really care, I’m not out to impress the audience with my written English skills, or anything else for that matter)

Also, if you wanted to really solve the problem that is me, in this case. You would have heeded your own advice and went on to send me a private message, instead of “blowing up” a thread with a message or two.

So yes, maybe I am a bit short on wisdom, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this “person”, or his agenda. He’s savvy enough to know an American mother joke (see - ride: your mother or Latvian mothers), but can’t figure out basic sentence structure or grammar? Factor in that I have received a private message from another member who thinks this is just some jerk pulling our chains and I consider that to be more than a guy who is trying post legitimate threads. It seems to me that this person is the long lost twin of Borat.

…Execute on, my friend…
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did you copy and paste from Word to be sure your post was grammatically correct?
bdieffenbacher said:
It seems to me that this person is the long lost twin of Borat

If this person bothers you enough, then report the post to the moderation team using this button under their user info:
If it's a troll, we can at least watch the guy and/or look up IP address info, etc.

You don't need to make this a hostile, unwelcome environment just because someone bothers you. This site has rules, and the moderation is here to enforce it. If you don't agree, then find another site. It's quite simple.

On SB9T's sister site, IWSTI, you'd be halfway to a permanent ban right now, so I think Majin is giving you a fair amount of slack. You're the one that needs to settle down and relax. Enjoy your stay.
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that video
makes me feel good that I bought my 2007 tribeca,2 weeks so far ,nothing but superb!!
jrseyshawn said:
I saw this on another website. the video is a little bit long but makes me happy that i decided on a Subaru Vs. the Murano
Must say ‘nice’ video. My thought says that Subaru is agreat option, for the reason, this is one of the car who is actually provides symmetrical all-wheel drive. That means you will have complete control over your driving. Every Subaru comes standard with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for better stability, efficiency and a quicker response to slippery conditions. Subaru engine has a mounted engine with the drive train, which ultimately helps to provide a seamless transfer of power to all four wheels. Subaru, states that the company believes in core ideal of "engineering excellence".:tup:

Latest model of Subaru:

2011 Subaru Forester - $20,495 - $29,995
2011 Subaru Impreza - $17,495 - $19,995
2011 Subaru Impreza WRX - $25,495 - $37,345
2011 Subaru Legacy - $19,995 - $31,395
2011 Subaru Outback - $23,195 - $31,495
2011 Subaru Tribeca - $30,495 - $35,795
I played the video, its really simply amazed and cool.
Please check out the video link as it’s not working.
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