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Subaru 06 B9 Tribeca with 150k+ Miles Maintenance Suggestions

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Hi all! New to the forum here but so glad it exists. Back in 2017 I purchased my Subaru 06' B9 Tribeca off my dad after college who previously purchased it from my grandma with only 30k miles!

Needless to say, I proceeded to ripped out the middle seats, put 180k miles on the car and have entirely custom built out the interior of the vehicle for taking into the outdoors. I wish to research good preventative maintenance to keep it running well into the future and wanted to ask a few suggestions here.

So far I have done regularly scheduled oil changes as well as replaced brake pads and rotors as needed. I've noticed since I have taken it offroad more in the past 3 years, the rear suspension seems saggy/shot, my gas mileage is not what it used to be, and wanted to inquire the best kit for upgrading the entire suspension.

Right now I am at capacity with a Thule roof rack that I have outfitted with a custom solar roof box. My hunch is the combination of the status of the current suspension along with the wind resistance of having 2 roof boxes is resulting in my poor gas mileage (15mpg) . I aim to be towing a 2500lb GVWR trailer soon and need to have the suspension set proper to do so. I have seen a few threads here on lift spacers, and I imagine both a spacer and new shocks/springs would compensate for tongue weight.

Any suggestions or links to parts for brakes, rotors, calipers, shocks, or are greatly appreciated!!!
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P.S. Below is a link to a video of my build:
Galen Clark - B9 Buildout
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Hallo Goobaru,
Althoug I only recently joined here myself, I welcome you.
Unfortunately I can’t help you with your questions, but I like the video.
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one lazy bastard...... :D
ok, here we go:
1) maintenance - all fluids and filters(especially those which are usually omitted - fuel filter, BOTH transmission filters). spark plugs, possibly coils. termostat. pcv valve. radiator cap. I have written down many times these things - so... probably it is easier to use search ;)
radiators? leaking? are they clean?
grounding - is it good, rotten etc.
1.1) I would suggest to get tactrix cable or, at least, some 20bucks elm327 obd reader. - that might help you to check overall engine status (what sensors show, what sensors might need renewal (lambda sensors, most probably) - with romraider should be possible to set idle rpm higher and radiator fans turn on sooner.
2) about suspension - Subaru Tribeca Coilovers [GR Lite] - this sounds like what you really might consider (you should investigate subframe spacer issue, though - or, at least, ask those guys - they seem to be knowledgeable).
if you will order it - please, mention that other Tribeca owner suggested this ;))))
3) brakes - simplest (not cheapest) solution would be STI brakes (another can of worms).
4) towing - if you do 1.1 or some similar stuff(that way you can see - is it needed or not) - additional transmission fluid cooler(with thermostat!!!) might be good addition.
5) probably good mod would be emergency oil pressure switch replaced with higher pressure sensor.

p.s. show us more of your interior... your description sounded very interesting.
p.p.s. nice music :)
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@Flat6er thanks so much for all those suggestions! It looks like I have a lot of work to get after.

I am not a mechanic and I am sure I am going to need to ask a friend or mechanic some automotive specific things prior to deciding on purchases/installation- but being able to identify any potential issues is going to keep my home away from home running for years to come.

I attached a bunch of pictures of the solar build and interior build out.

I pulled out the middle row seats entirely and build a custom bedframe on 1x10 with 55" drawer slides and an interior desk that you can use when sitting in the passenger right rear seat!


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This Tribeca has been places!
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what's the longest time you have been living/travelling in/with car? :)
I was living out of it on and off for most of 2020 during the pandemic. During winter months was mostly in SW. Housing crisis in America + pandemic = Subaru time!
you should have blog with your travelling around - I think that would be interesting reading material :)
p.s. any more interior pictures - I am curious about desk/bed setup :)))
Between 90K and 113K I had to replace the following on my B9:

  1. Water pump/radiator. (Leaking)
  2. Oil cooler gasket. (Leaking)
  3. All sparkplugs and 1 coil pack on cylinder # 2. (1,2,3,5 misfiring)
  4. PCV valve.
  5. Front struts. (I did those myself, so proud)

My CD player has been dead for quite a while, and the driver's window has a mind of its own.
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