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slight shimmy at higher speeds

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anyone have this problem? i have an 06 with about 6300 miles on it and at higher speeds (above 35) and while accelerating the whole vehicle shakes ever so slightly. i just had the tires rotated and balanced and it still does it. just wondering if anyone else has had this.
- josh
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I didnt purchase an 07 because of this. Told him there's a shimmy during my test drive (55 plus), probably from uneven pressure or unbalanced tire. He had the shop fix it, but after 2 consecutive tests, still there. Ended up getting it at another dealer.

My outback had shimmy issues after a rotation and align that took 3 different shops to rebalance. Balancing shops have been quite sloppy lately and if they dont do it correctly, it is really apparent on the Subarus. I'd certainly bring it back to the shop/dealer. Should it still be an issue (assuming a correct balance) I would head to the dealer for an alignment check. With your miles, surely you are covered.

Another to check is the torque on the lugs. I always specify to make sure that they are hand torqued to the proper specs. When I am feeling particular, I will re-torque them again in 50 miles to make sure of proper seating.
This is due to the crappy goodyear tires they put on the Tribeca. I have to re-ballence my tires every other month to keep them from shaking. AS soon as I can going to throw some BFG KDW's on.
Interesting. I haven't had any highway issues yet on our 07.
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