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Side Molding - AKA door ding protection

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Thanks to a heads up from DubyaSTI I've ordered and have on the way some colour matched side molding. From what I can tell it's just like the OEM stuff, stuck on with double sided tape. It took a little bit of time to get them in the silver but Steve Carl at was very helpful. I should have them sometime next week. I'll post up my results. Here is a direct link to what they look like:

Down the middle of the page.
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This was in the e-mail I got:

The body side molding kit for the TRIBECA is $141.13 in body color, in black it is $72.13. You will need your cars color code to order.

Keep us informed, Peaty. That is something that I have been thinking hard about ever since DubyaSTI's post... ;)
got the moulding yesterday, the colour match looks pretty good. It's been pretty nice here for this time of year in KS. I'm hoping to get it installed maybe tomorrow (or later today if possible) I'll keep everyone updated.

have a happy Turkey Day eveyone.
Well the weather is too nice to not put them on. It suggests doing at 80 F (27 C) and it 70F here today which is not normal for this time of year. They aren't too difficult to install at all. The thing is you are measuring on a radius (door crease) which makes it sort of an eyeballing job in the end. I'll post a how to when I get a chance.
OK done with the install page:

I will get fill shots of the molding installed after I wash the car and it's outside.
Site was down but it's working now :)
Thanks for posting pix of the final product... It looks pretty good, I think I'll put them on mine as well. $140 seems expensive at first, but preventing door dings is priceless.
Got a chance to take some pics and added them to the install page :

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hmmm... i wonder if i can paint it chrome....

Just Kidding... lol. Looks good Peaty.
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They look great Peaty. nobody would suspect they weren't Original Equipment. I wondered if they are a little low to be effective....the body panel seems to bulge out somewhat above the protector....but then the Tribeca is higher than most vehicles so that would help.

I'm reminded of last night, we took our 7 yr. old son out to eat before his basketball game. He is known to end up with food on his shirt so my wife gave him another "safety" shirt and wind pants to pull over his basketball uniform. Soon into the meal I saw a nice chunk of chili falling down onto his lap. Sure enough, there was a tiny bit of his uniform sticking out below his "safety" shirt and that is exactly where the chili landed! :eek:
You can probably figure out the relevance of this story.... In my case, if I installed the extra dent guards....something would find a way to dent me.

Any accessories you don't have on that Tribeca? I've contemplated the roof racks but it would be purley for looks. Are they easy to remove?

Also, it must be a trick of the camera, but it looks like your garage wall with the door is slanted backwards...illusion?
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Yes I have most all OEM things installed myself :) My wife won't let me do anything cool :p The roof racks can be taken off pretty easily but not like the rails on say an Outback or Impreza wagon. These racks are fixed and will not move fore and aft which kind of limits their usefulness. I have an OEM hard cargo case that's why I got the racks. Otherwise I'd say skip them if you don't need them. I did take a lot of pics during the install some time ago, but have not put them up. (I made the mistake of taking them in RAW format and not jpg, it's a lot more involved to edit those)

As for the funky pic that is a combination of a wide angle and me correcting for the slight up hill the car was sitting on. I usually crop and rotate around the subject to make it look level ;)

As far as the molding, like any strip it will be the luck of the draw if it prevents dents or not. If you take a birds eye view above the door, the strip does stick out the further than the door skin itself by about 1/4" or better.
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It seems my link above puts you in the middle of the install page, this one: starts you at the top.
I just ordered one in natural black today... Look forward to receiving it...

Cheers, Tim : )
timothyklam said:
I just ordered one in natural black today... Look forward to receiving it...

Cheers, Tim : )
Make sure you post up some pics after the install!
Yes pics, I'd like to add them to my install link too if I can. I'd be interested in seeing the black.

Your car looks so good in those pics. I'm curious, what type of wax to you use? I've been using Zaino and find it good. Problem is, I wash the car, the next day my wife takes it to work and brings it home dirty :(
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