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Shutter in overdrive

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Hi I just would like to know if anyone else feels a shutter in overdrive under light throttle? The dealer that I took my wifes b9 too, that took me seriously said that this might be normal but they want to make sure. I just want to know if anyone else is having the same consern.
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shutter? my b9 is smooth as silk. get it checked out.
shutter? my b9 is smooth as silk. get it checked out.
Same here.
It only does it in overdrive at 1400-2000 rpms more noticable when pulling a hill. My wife doesn't notice at all but being a automotive tech. I notice things that alot of people don't. The dealership I'm taking it to said thier field rep. from subaru drives a b9 and his does it and one of the other service writers her's does it but they said it might be normal depending on your driving habit, but they are still looking into it for me. I know from past experiences that torque converters can do funning thing depending on the fluid that they use an was just wondering if anyone else was felt it or heard about it through the grape vine.
houston pretty much is flat, but still follow up and let us know.
I live in the mountains and spend a lot of my time right now (well, until it went back to the shop) in that RPM range. I will reinterate, mine is smooth. And since it is new, I am paying particular attention to detail... :D

Hopefully it is something simple like fluid, as you suggest. Good luck.
I just did a 1200-mile trip in the "mountains" of PA over the weekend and noticed a shutter when it would shift into OD. It felt like it would shift in then quickly out of OD then back into OD - Happened both in sport mode and in regular drive. It didn't happen every time, but enough to notice it.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that can feel it. I will keep you in touch on what the dealership finds.
Just to be very clear -

In my case it is not a case of not feeling it (I've owned some 30+ cars in my life and drove SCCA for over 2 decades), I don't have it. I felt it important to clarify this point so that you know that it is not common to all B9s...

Shuuter in Overdrive

we realize a shutter, or hesitation gonig up a hill ealry in the morning. I have posted a note elsehwere on the forums a couple of weeks ago. We have taken it to the dealer and they say they cant recreate the problem and it is under unique circumstances. Please let me know if they find anything
I took my wifes B9 in for the campain and the shutter again an was told that the shutter in a known problem and they don't have a fix yet, from the dealer and I'm still waiting for a responce from subaru
I've got a shudder centered at 47 mph. It's a new vehicle and has done it since day 1. I assume it's a tire and intend to take it in to get checked out.
on my work order the tech. stated that he felt concern and balanced tires and also stated that this shutter is a known problem and that they didn't do any repairs at this time. I notice at around that speed in overdrive at lower rpms and unlike a tire balance the shutter doesn't come and go while holding a certain speed. I will be taking it back in soon to have a headlight assembly replaced due to internal failure and will ask again about the shutter.
We have experienced the shudder for several months on start up. The vehicle just died pulling out onto the highway and going up the hill where we experienced the shudder. Have not yet taken it back to the dealer. any ideas? Started back up immediately. Because we live off a busy highway, my wife was almost run over by the vehicle she had to pull in front of.
I would take it to a dealer you can trust and if you don't feel like they are trying to find out what is wrong call subaru ( the number is in your owners manual of on the web sight) or email them on the web sight and they will give you a referance number so you can keep in touch with them about your concern and it will also put pressure on the service department to fix your car. I work as a tech in a dealer (but an other brand) and I know how to work the system but if you push to hard it can cause some bad feelings so I recommend using the subaru customer service as a last resort if possible. but they are there to help both of you, if you have anyother concerns see my profile.
Do you guys think it may be an ECU issue? The 90's Outbacks had a known hesitation issue. I think the knock sensor was too sensitive and would pull timing when you would accelerate. Plus, some WRX's had ECU issues that got a new ECU reflash, but I can't remember what it was for.
It could be but I'm not sure. I got an email back from subaru and they said to keep having the dealer check for updates. I will keep updating as I get info.
i bought my tribeca new in march 07, when its cold, or cool outside, and i barely touch the gas pedal to go after i start the car, it takes off like a bat out of hell. it will shoot to 3500 rpm and then shift to second and then drive like normal. it feels like i matted the gas out of the hole. i brought it to the dealer and they said i had a couple of codes, but didnt say what. they reset the computer and it still happened. has anybody had any problems like this? this is my first post and im so glad to find a tribeca owners forum. any help would be great, thanks
I notice mine is a lot peppier when it's cool/cold outside and the car is still not warmed up. But I wouldn't consider it as bad as you described. I would be curious as to what codes they pulled. You should try an ecu re-boot. Disconnect the negative battery cable, turn the parking lights on (on top of the steering column) and let it sit for about 10 minutes or so. Make sure you turn off the lights before you connect the battery so you don't get a spark.
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