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Had some severe rattle sound developed lately - it was coming from passenger sun visor area and started to increase to uncomfortable level. I traced it down to actually two different sources - one was piece of sunroof's plastic frame hitting on extra glue left on inside surface of roof; since the glue was still semisoft, the plastic would kind of adhere to it and then let go with cracking sound. The second noise source was coming from plastic subframe of sunroof controls panel - there were some thin sound proof stickers that moved from their places and plastic frame was touching sheet metal of the roof itself. It looked like adhesive on those factory pads let go - probably due to heat from sun in the summer, or what else.

So since I happened to have some felt left from my mouse elimination and sound proofing exercise (more on that later), I used it to replace thinny Subaru pads with thicker felt pieces and also put a good sized piece of felt material between roof panel and sunroof plastic frame in the area right above passenger sun visor. I used 3M spray adhesive for smaller felt pieces; seems to hold great. It's been about 4 days now and Beca is complitely silent now.
See attached pics for details. It took about 1 hour to get everything done once I figured out where the noise was coming from.


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