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Seat position memory for 2006

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I am wondering if we can retro the 2007 seat memory position switch for the 2006.
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I am wondering the same thing and have been since they announced that the '07 would have it. I feel it's the most glaring omission on the '06 and the only new feature that makes the '07 more appealing. Because the memory seat switches are on the seat itself (and not on the door or dash like most others I've seen) you would think that it's just a simple module of sorts that can be spliced into the '06 driver's seat wiring. I guess we'd have to compare wiring schemes on both model years.

Here's hoping...Joe
I'm wondering the same thing, just yesterday in fact when I had to drive the B9. My wife sits back further but the seat is more upright :(

I'll have to check around, It may be as simple as the seat trim and a small box or as complicated (or expensive) as a whole new seat :(
Mine is currently in the shop to repair the remote starter (didn't work from the get-go). Shop is baffled and has a call in for SOA. When I get it back next week, I'll try to take a look and see what is under the seat as far as the module for the memory seat goes. It sure is nice to have since both wife and I drive it...
That would be great, I'll look at our 06 and see what it looks like under there. Then we can compare notes.
quick update

Yesterday I compared the 06 and 07 wiring diagram. It looks like the memory ECU and buttons are seperate componants. Now I'm trying to find a parts diagram to see where these things are located. I'm hoping everything is located under the seat. I'm also trying to get costing and part numbers for the trim, buttons and ECU.
Peaty -

I just got back with ours late last night. Haven't had a chance to look closely yet and it is raining cats and dogs right now. I'll take a peek either later today or tomorrow AM...
I'm looking closer at the wiring diagram. It looks like seat motors themselves (4 of them) are different also one of the harnesses is tied into the shift lever too. It may be that the only easy option would be to change out the whole seat :( Still looking though.
Peaty -

Looking up under the seat, everything appears (operative word) to bolt on. Not having an '06 to compare to, I think it might be possible to attach the necessary parts. Of course, that assumes that the motors, wiring, and seat frame are the same. I tried to get some pics, but the stuff was just too far up under the seat to get a good view with a camera.

The best bet would be to get an '06 & an '07 side-by-side and compare.

BTW, my dealer had no B9s with the retractable cargo cover. My '07 has 2 connectors right behind the 2nd seat (on each side) that are covered by a snap-on plastic piece. Under that there is a place that the cover fits into. You can remove the cover and replace the piece if you do not want the cover in the vehicle or just retract it. Hope this helps.
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