Subaru B9 Tribeca SUV Forum banner Stickers available

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For a short period of time, you will receive two stickers if you become a donating member, or add on to your existing plan. As of right now, these are not available for individual sale due to limited quantities. See attached image.

You must PM me with your address after you donate so I can mail the stickers out to you!

Your donations help support the site. Thank you guys!


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PM sent / donation made
Let me know whether you received your stickers. I only received a PM from hawker800mech. We had a problem where a batch of stickers that went out with the mailman never made it to the post office.
Still have never received my stickers. Did the second mailing go out?
Not to rub it in, but I did get mine on the 2nd mailing.
So these are stickers and not vinyl cut outs?
Has everyone received their stickers? If not, PM me your paypal order number.

Magic, I think these are vinyl cutouts!
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but are these stickers still available?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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