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Roof Rack addition

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We just picked up our 06 Tribeca limited. Nice Vehicle. But now we need a place to put all of the crap that used to fit in our minivan. What are my options for roof racks? (We have one of those cargo carriers for the roof) The dealer here wasn't much help.
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The OEM Aero Crossbar kit is nice and fairly inexpensive. If I'm not mistaken, your '06 should have 4 small removable tabs on the roof. Once you remove these tabs you will find your B9 ready to install the rack. 4 bolts (IIRC) under each tab and you're done. $142, here:

Hope this helps. :)
I installed one on our B9 but have not done a page yet. Simple install really. The bad thing is the bars are fixed in place. No moving them fore and aft.
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