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This is a post a firefighter posted on another site....thought people would find it interesting. Nice to know we have safe vehicles...

On the same note I know it's not an impreza but it's a subaru vehicle and the experience it worth sharing. I was responding to a MVA head on. This accident involved a Subaru Tribeca and a newer style Dodge Intrepid. Now both vehicles where traveling at approximatley 58mph. The driver of the Dodge Intrepid was killed in the accident. The driver of the Tribeca was injuried but will survive and make a full recovery with only a broken leg. But after looking the vehicles over, I was extremely impressed at how the vehicle survived and protected the driver. Yes the tribeca was a mangled mess but it was designed in such a way that the front end crumpled in many spots. The motor actually broke away and it was underneath the passenger floor. I mean it's hard to say in words how impressive it was but subaru technology is absolutely amazing!! I'm very happy to say that I own a subaru. I will try to get pictures of it for you guys to see.
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