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Radar Detector Set Up

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Does anyone have a radar detector in their tribeca? I am thinking about getting one, but I don't want to have the cord run from the winshield to inside the arm rest . Any ideas or suggestions? :confused:
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I have a Cobra radar detector...after experimenting with placement, I stuck it to the dash with velcro, near the left/driver's side. Mine has the sensors in both the front and back and works pretty well there. I ran the cord through the trim along the driver's door, under the floor mats, into the cargo area to the far rear DC outlet. The cord works well and is out of the way and out of sight for the most part.

-Karen in AZ-
hardwire your detector. i did it on my STI, but never on the tribeca. i'm sure its the same way.
I hardwired mine:

And ran the wire to the detector below the left A pillar and then tucked it in front of the dash between the windscreen and front edge to the center where it comes out to plug into the detector.
Peaty, where did you ground the hard wire kit? I've done this on my civic. I tapped into a fuse and grounded it on a bolt.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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