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Proud B9 owner

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Just took the plunge last week and traded in my '05 Legacy GT Sedan for an '06 Titanium B9 Ltd. w/Nav (5-seater). Drove it down the 110 between Pasadena and LA Sunday night, and I was very pleased with the way it handled such a technically challenging freeway. Looking forward to taking it up to Glendora Mountain/Ridge Roads to see how it performs on real mountain roads. Ours came with aero rack, puddle lights, dimmer/compass mirror, hitch/tranny cooler, and of course the nav system. Wife's still getting used to the dimensions, so she's a little skiddish still. I'm warming up to it quickly though.

Who here lives in the LA area? Anybody up for a meet/drive?
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Congrads! I'm assuming you got a great deal. How do you find it compared to the Legacy?
Congrats. Enjoy your Trib and enjoy the site!
Tup said:
Congrads! I'm assuming you got a great deal. How do you find it compared to the Legacy?
Well, it's a completely different beast, but still a Subie. The Legacy was a darn nice sport sedan (especially for the money), but our needs have changed over the last year, so it made more sense for us to trade for the B9, dump our Honda Element, and supplement the B9 with an old E30 Beemer convertible. Enjoying both the B9 and the E30 over the last week. I'm amazed at how solid the E30 is with over 210K miles (rebuilt motor/tranny though)!

The B9 amazes me with its ability to go fast around curves, even when the beast stands pretty high off the road. The VDC really does its job well. I would imagine a VDC Outback is even more fun.
I'm finally through the break-in mileage and now tossing it into sport mode and driving her a bit harder. I'm really amazed at how this large and tall SUV holds the road and feels so nimble.
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you are having fun with your B9. Enjoy.
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