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planning on a tribeca

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hi everyone my name is sandy, and i'm from NY and have one kid (hes 14)-

I have been looking around for a new car in the last few weeks and i have a pretty vast budget, I have test driven cars from the new escalade to the honda fit (which was actually nice). but I saw the tribeca and asked my son what it was (hes a car geek) and i think it is GORGEOUS!! I don't know why everyone thinks its ugly, its actually very elegant. So I plan on test driving one soon and seeing what kind of numbers they can throw at me, because my car now isn't cutting it $481 a month is killing me, plus it sucks in the snow AND only seats 5 (I usually end up carting a whole bunch of kids around!) AND i even have a liscense plate idea its: ur ugly2. hehehe

thanks and I enjoy these forums-
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Hi Sandy. Subaru are currently offering some great lease deals on the Tribeca,not sure if you're looking to lease or buy. You definatly have to drive one. They are great.I like the licence plate idea :)

well unfortunately where i bought my DODGE product from, they ripped me off by saying that they were going to pay off my trade in value of 10,000! and they followed through with it and in every document it said pay off trade 02 exploder blah blah blah, and then at the end of the deal after taking my keys several times to "inspect" the vehicle i got stressed out way too much and signed on the dotted line, but I know and so does my son that they said they would pay off my trade.. so i owe like 25 on my car after paying off everything else (the 10k plus another 10 for the dodge) and its only worth like...24 so both boats I get in have holes in them.
I went and test drove a commander today, and its a VERY nice SUV and hypothetically i asked the guy to see what he could get me for a lease, and he asked me what I would want and i said $400, then he says your crazy (the joker that he is) and got out of the car..hehe, so unless subie wants to be nice to me i guess I will be stuck with my car...DAMN!
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