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Hey there:

Considering a Tribe; we had a Legacy GT 5-speed wagon last year that we both loved, then I got a company car (Audi), so sold the LGT, but we may need an additional car with more interior room (me, wife, au pair, dog, baby, luggage in a most-loaded case), hence the consideration.


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As the going rate for a new '07 Tribeca is ~$1250 below invoice, I'm not sure if there is anything that can touch it in terms of its combination of luxury, ride, quality, room, handling, features, style (subjective), for the price.

Sure a Highlander is a capable vehicle- but it lacks style.
A Murano has the style, but it's not as nice of a vehicle.
The FX35 is sharp and handles well, but less room and more $$.
The new Mazda CX's; one's too small, the other's too big.
You could get a Touareg, if you don't mind the maintenance and lousy fuel economy, and additional $$.
The Jeep Grand Cherokee has nice styling and is great off road, but doesn't handle as well and the interior doesn't hold a candle to the 'beca.
What others are you considering???

But- it all depends what you're looking for. The 'beca is certainly a very competitive vehicle in the segment, but it's not the only good one.

But what do I know... I've only got 72 miles on mine. :)
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