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My 2007 Tribeca has 178,000 miles and died while driving in a neighborhood recently. The car will no longer start, and when the key is turned to the on position, both cooling fans run constantly. The headlights will not come on, even with a power supply connected to the battery. There is power to other accessories such as the radio and interior lights, however, the engine will not crank.

I have checked the following:

Battery is good
All fuses in the cab and engine bay
Removed and bench tested the starter
Verified power to the starter
Verified and cleaned engine grounds as well as fuse box ground
Fuel pressure is present at the rail
Felt the teeth of the flywheel when the starter was removed to verify no broken teeth
Manually turned over the engine to ensure it was not seized

This car has had the ECU replaced twice and the head resurfaced and the gasket replaced.

Any ideas or recommendations to get this car running again?

V6er Version 2
Facelift (EZ36D, 5EAT TG5D), MY2008, 7seat Limited (no DVD, no NAVI)
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1) to me it sounds like electrical issue.
2) 2 changed ecu's already????
3) have you tried to check the car as if it has current leaks?
4) have you tried like - read ecu with ecuflash? (check whether ecu is working and ability to connect to)
p.s. when you write "checked this and that" - it would be helpful to state HOW it was checked. there are a lot of stupid things to do with car and sometimes people do them...
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