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Pic above was the next morning I got the Tribeca for my wife. It's an 07 Limited 7 seater. Had a Forester few years back so know Subie quality and knew that I would end up with this SUV when it came out. Got it under invoice so not bad but had to wait a week since I really wanted this color. Initial impressions so far is that it handles well for a big car but can feel it's heftiness when slightly pushed. Good comfortable ride and quiet. Inside feels and looks like an Audi. A bit of wind rush when there's a head wind but still pretty quiet. Brakes are good. Tranny decent as well but prefer to leave it in sport mode when entering freeway onramps since I don't like the sudden downshift. Acceleration could be better but anything stronger then fuel economy will suffer. Looks great and couple folks thought it was a european car. I'm still getting used to the rear but growing on me. Front and sideview really nice. Overall impression is that it's a really good SUV. 8.5 out of 10. I'll give this SUV :tup: :tup: . Btw I'm from the Bay Area.
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