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New Subie - Tribeca owner

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Hi Everyone: :wave:

New owner of a Subaru - '06 B9 Tribeca 5 PS LTD. Titanium Silver. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!

This is my first Subaru, always knew about the impressive safety ratings, but was not impressed with style.

My Explorer's engine died on me after 11 years. Went out to test drive other cars, then I passed my local Subaru dealer and saw the Tribeca on the lot. Took it for a test drive and that was it!

This is a great vehicle, had it for 4 days. Don't have any downsides. I couldn't figure out the keyless lock. How embarrassing not to be able to figure out how to get into your car from the passenger side. :Dunno: Got it under control now. - Hey, don't laugh; I'm coming out of a '95 Ford Explorer that didn't even have a CD player, so the 6 CD player is blowing my mind.

I also love the fact that you can go into manual drive (my Ford was manual). But I need to wait after the first 1000 miles before I can really test it out :naughty: :busted_cop:

The day after I picked it up, took my parents for a ride (They are dubbed the first passengers). They also loved it. My dad rode in the 2nd row and said it was very comfortable.

Ciao for now.

-- Su
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