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New shoes

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I got a hook up on wheels. Depending on what size. Here is mine. These are 20's

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20's look like the perfect size for the Tribeca. Leaves just the right amount of sidewall. Got to get some better pics when you get a chance when there is no shaddows on the car :)
The rims look great, the chrome on white is a nice match.
I am not sure what color hhels would look best on my Mahogony Red Pearl.

Was considering matte steel (same finish as the stock) ... any ideas?
nice. chrome isnt my thing, but 20's are always nice.
When I put wheels on mine, I was debating on a black center with a machine look. But decided on chrome cause its classy. I guess it depends on you. I would do chrome cause chrome looks good on almost all.
Looks good. I think the chrome is the right choice just because of all the chrome accents the tribeca comes with...gotta match. Imagine an Sti, blue with gold wheels and chrome grille and handles...:p
umsracing said:
I got a hook up on wheels. Depending on what size. Here is mine. These are 20's

NICE WHEELS! WHat kind are they? Where did you get them and how much?
Nice wheels!
Now, you just need to drop the car quite a bit to complete a job. Looks way to high right now.

Hook a brotha up! I'm looking for 20's and I have the same 'beca. Not a huge fan of chrome though...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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