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New Must-Have accessory for '06 Tribeca owners with rear DVD and Ipod desires...

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I just picked one of these up at the Apple Store this weekend and am very impressed with the quality:

(Cord length in pic not reflected accurately)

This plugs in to the dock connector of the Ipod and connects to both the AV plugs AND the cigarette lighter outlet next to them in the third row, all with this one accessory! As a result, your Ipod is always powered and you have a direct audio connection (none of that FM transmitter crap!).

All in all, this is a very nice accessory and is a must-have for Tribeca owners who want to take their Ipod on the road.

My only complaints which are pretty minor:

(1) Price is $49.99 at Apple Store. Sure, you can get it at places online for as little as $28.99, but they are not in stock at these places at the moment and shipping seems to average another 8-9 bucks so you aren't saving as much as you think.

(2) It could stand to be a foot longer. I fed mine between the third row and the sidewall to the floor, underneath the driver-side second rown seat, under the floor mat (mine are the genuine Subaru heavy rubber mats which hold the cable in place nicely), and then feet it up on the right side of the seat where it connects to the Ipod whcih sits on the drink-holder cover on the center console. This keeps the cord totally out of the way, but gives a little less slack than I'd desire.

(3) They should've used elbow connections on the AV cords so the connectors don't stick out so far and stay tighter against the side-wall as they are fed down. The Cigarette lighter plug could take a cue from the one Monster has where it only sticks out like half an inch and front the side of that, the cord could've been fed out so it too could be closer to the side-wall.
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