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I went to the dealership today for a creaking noise around left strut area when braking, turning or combination over bumps at slow speed or coming to a stop. I've had the sway bar bushings replace 6 months ago to stop the rattling over washboard bumps and that was a worth while and reasonable fix.
While asking the service man to inspect my problem he mistook me for another Tribeca customer in for the same problem; the 3rd in 2 weeks to their surprise.
This isn't related to anything as cheap or easy as the sway bar bushing problem which was just a loose rattle over bumps.
What we have here apparently is an upper strut bushing (mechanic's guess) as he also has a Tribeca and will consider trading if the expected fix is $700 + alignment for both sides.
I know the strut's integrity to be fine but their top mounting and/or bushing appears to be problem location.
Any info would be appreciated.

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