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Well, we're going to pick up an 07 Limited tomorrow. We added the remote start and roof rack. Now that I've come across this site, I'm even more excited and really want that puddle light!

I think we got a good deal. The 07/ 7 pass Limited w/ remote start and roof rack for $26,495. No navi or DVD since we don't need either. We don't have any kids and I already have a portable Garmin GPS unit. It is in Newport Blue and we love the interior with leather.

We looked and drove an 08 CR-V, 08 Rav 4 (V6), CX-7 and Suzuki XL7. After all that, the Tribeca was last. We felt there was more value in the 07 B9 vs. all of the others. The only thing we're not really happy with is the little bit of lag when you step on the gas to pass.

This is our very first Subie and hope it will last as long as our Hondas. Comments/ suggestions always welcome for a B9 newb.
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