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Needing advice on tire sizes

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Hello! I just purchased a 2012 Tribeca (my 5th Subaru and 2nd EZ36 powered one!) and love it so far!

I've just put some Blizzaks on the stock wheels in the stock size (255/55/R18), and picked up some 18x8.5 ET35 wheels for a great price to use as a summer setup.

I've been considering going for something like 255/40/R18 on the new wheels, but want to know if there are any issues I'll run into? Other than the speedometer being off, and it looks like it would be about a 3 inch drop.
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you forgot to write most important thing - WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT? :))
if you drive on paved roads only - most probably - no issues. (except rougher potholes, road repairs etc etc).
if you drive on gravel or off the roads - 3" lowering is quite illogical thing to do, imo.
Ah yes, good point! My thought process was that I felt a slightly lower profile tire would be more sporty/responsive and a better experience for how I want to drive during the summer months. It will likely never see gravel or off road conditions during the summer time. Some of the roads do have potholes/repairs, but I figured that would be minor compared to the benefits.

Thanks for the information, much appreciated! I suspect that given how uncommon it is for people to mod Tribecas, I may just have to go for it and report back on how it is. Thankfully I still have time, won't be buying summer tires until March or April of next year I imagine!
1) there ARE people out there modding Tribecas - despite all that **** "this car is not supposed to do this or that", "you should get different car for that" :D
2) for performance:
2.1) did you weight your new wheels?
2.2) did you check weight of your current tires and new ones?
2.3) less radius will give you that.

if you are into performance AND want to shave some more weight - brake rotors and calipers.... ;)
BUT! please, make good measurements BEFORE and AFTER :)))
So the weight of the new wheels are just under 23lbs for each one. So I believe they are lighter than stock?

I didn't weigh my stock setup, but I'm in an area with intense winters and intend to keep the stock wheels as the winter setup. But I believe I saw that the stock wheels for 08+ are over 30lbs each?

Not sure if I'll want to dive into brake upgrades yet, I think after tires I'll want to look into exhaust options to let that H6 sing! 🎶😉
Looking over at the NASIOC forums, I see that recent WRX STi models are running on 19" wheels with our bolt pattern -- so you could get a lower-than-stock profile tire and maintain your tire height so your gear ratios and speedo would still be accurate. For example, a BBS forged wheel from a 2018 STi Type RA BBS is forged and 24.1 lbs.
I appreciate the info, thanks! But I already got a good deal on a set of 18x8.5 wheels. The speedometer inaccuracy doesn't bother me too much, but it's something to think about as I won't be making any decisions on the summer tire until spring.
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