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Hi folks. I have an 07 B9 that I bought last November from a Subaru mechanic. He bought it and fixed it up for his wife (including replacing the 150k mile original engine with one with 40k miles) but it was too big and she wanted to go back to driving her Outback.
I had the car 2 days and the CEL, cruise control, and VDC lights came on. I checked the codes and it called for an O2 sensor to be problem. Now (10 months later), my Navigation screen turns itself off and then right back on and when that happens the CEL, and about every warning light flickers on and off. The screen goes dark for less than 5 seconds but there are times it goes right back off after it may have turned back on 30 seconds before. Sometimes the car doesn't stutter but sometimes it does kind of lurch a little bit. About 2 months before it happened I had problems with the battery. I went to 2 different places to get a new battery and both places said that I do not need a new one and when checking the alternator they say it is fine. The battery issue went away but now i am having this problem.
When I check the codes it says P1718
Does anyone have any advice?
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