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Awhile back I posted this thread about having some issues with the dash on the Tribeca.

This past weekend, we took a trip to upstate NY. One night, I get into the car and hit the accept button so that the map shows up (as I always do). Only this time, the map doesn't show up. Oddly enough when I hit accept a calander show up on the screen. I've never seen this screen before. I click the map button and of course the map shows up. However, when I go to put on a radio station, all of my pre-programmed stations are gone. I figure it was some sort of glitch and re-set everything.
We drive to and from a few more places, no issues, presets are still there, nav starts up just fine.
Then again this morning, the same thing happens. I hit accept and a calander shows up, again all of my presets are gone.

Any one have any ideas what could be going on??? :(
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