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Hey everyone! Whats up? I frequent CLUBWRX.NET a lot and recently purchased an 06 B9 Tribeca Limited 7 passenger with navigation. It is Newport Blue. So far my wife loves the car! My car is in the avatar as it is my first WRX, (I owned an STi previous to it) Anyway, attached is the B9


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Welcome. I think you will enjoy your Tribeca. I should point out that the colour of your vehicle is actually Atlantic Blue pearl not Newport Blue. Atlantic Blue is the 06 colour and Newport is the 07 colour. They are very much the same with Atlantic being slightly more gray. Most people seem to slightly prefer the Atlantic and I'm not sure why Subaru decided to make such a subtle change.
Oh, well thanks for that info!
Good Morning! I am the wife ^^^ and I love my new tribeca!!

We have the exact same configuration and color, but its an 07. My wife could not be happier with the car.

We were driving home the other day and we realized we were talking in some rush hour traffic and it felt like we were in our living room, versus a car.

I also think I just heard the B9 just won the "Interior of the Year" from Wards Automotive!
i wouldn't be surprised if it did, it's an amazing car. there is nothing i don't like about it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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