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On both of our Subaru cars I have replaced 55W low bean bulbs with 65W ones.

After one year of use one of the 65W bulbs has failed and I took this opportunity to take 3 pictures.

1st one is one year old 65W bulb. Notice that there is some stain on the glass caused by material that evaporated from the bulb's filament.

2nd one is a brand new 65W bulb.

3rd one is an old used 55W bulb.

I also measured a current flow trough all these bulbs and noticed only insignificant decrease of the current of the used 65W vs. the new 65W.

My conclusion is that despite the recommendation to replace both bulbs when one fail is that it is acceptable to replace only the burned out lamp. Also keeping the headlights clean will make a bigger impact then replacing a functional bulb.


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