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Well, our first real trip in our new (used) 06 beca. We just had the winter tires and rims put on the day before we headed out from Newmarket, Ontario to Bethlehem, Pennslavania, a 8 hour drive across NY and down toward the upper part of Pennslavania. If you are wondering, I had 17" steel rims mated to Cooper Discovery Winter tires 235/65R17. The drive there was uneventful, mostly dry highway on flat and through the mountains. I have to confirm everyones complaints about the tranny hunting for the right gear going up hills. Although, I think its more the tranny shifting way too early going up the hill and then realizing after that it has to shift back down because the hill hasnt ended yet. Other than that, it was smooth sailing and the winter tires were very quiet. Good percise steering, snappy acceleration, I do see where it could use more torque instead of having to downshift but I am coming from a mini van so this is light years ahead.

Coming home we got hit with everything from driving rain, to sleet to snow to blizzard white out conditions, in the mountains, flat land, twisty turns, in rush hour... the list goes on. The Subaru handled everything with flying colours, coupled with the winter tires, it couldnt be beat. And to top it off, in our 9-10 hours of driving home, we had wind gusts of 60mph+.. the entire trip!!!

One thing we did find interesting... there are many Subaru owners in the upper east coast.
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