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My B9 on 20's

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The pics are from a recent camping trip, I'll clean my car up and get some better pics soon. I've had my Tribeca for 4 months now. I got these wheels from Discount Tires, they have Nitto 420 255/45/20 tires.


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Please try post some more pics! Black on black looks hot. Any chance of some nicer higher res pics?
Of course

However I live in Seattle, so it's rainy and my Tribeca is filthy. I think the rain is s'posed to stop tomorrow so I'll clean it up and post more. I love it.
I have similiar black 20's on my black B9 with same Nitto tires. I put 3mm spacer in back to make the back look wider and also to have both front and back run right to edge of fender. I also blacked out my front grille and tinted my driver & passenger windows and front windshield for a full blackout effect and much less heat and glare in the front seats. I also removed all badging. Don't have a pic avail in this computer right now though.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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