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Mud Flaps

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Did any one get the factory option mud flaps on their Tribeca?

I've yet to see one with them installed, and would like to see what they actually look like. Kind of hard to tell from the picture above.
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Thanks Peaty, they look good. Might have to put these on the to-do list. :tup:
Not all that hard to do, I do wish they were a little bigger though. They are on the small side for mudflaps. Still they work well enough.
Peaty, do they control the spray on the sides of the car adequately? I have an 07, and that is the one thing about the car that I'm not happy with; if there is even the slightest amount of mositure on the road, the cars filthy.
Adequately? I'd say no, I wish they did a better job. It's just barley OK becaue they are better than not having them I suppose. This is a form over function thing I suppose though.
Peaty said:
It's just barley
Yep, all Barley, but no Hops. :lol:

In all seriousness, the side splatter issue is a horrendous problem on the Tribeca and is second only to the extreme ease of receiving door dings and dimples. If you use any tire shine products, the problem is intensified. If these work, I'd be all over them.

However, I STILL won't buy any mud flaps until they offer them with Yosemite Sam or at least one chrome naked chick on them! J/k :lol:
I'd hate to say they serve no function, they do prevent some spray, it's just I wish they extended down further than they do. They are big enough to let snow boogers form :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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