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I used to listen to Sirius a lot. My Stiletto2 bit the dust and I just stick to the Sirius web radio, sometimes I record it and listen on an MP3 player.

I Bought an '06 Tribeca and it has no aux jack. I read the guide to installing one and I'd like to, but I thought I'd hold off until I get an answer on one of the only issues I have with the Tribeca's radio... Fast-forwarding and the accidental [email protected]#$!% nudge I give the 'next track' button on my steering wheel every now and then.

Most of the stuff I listen to would be of the '4-hour-long-mp3' variety. Two hours into said MP3, I back out of my parking spot, bam! Bumped the 'next track' button on the steering-wheel. Curse like a longshoreman for the TWENTY MINUTES it takes to 'fast' forward back to my spot in the MP3.

So my question is, is there some way to A) make fast forwarding ACTUALLY fast? B) should I just say screw it and go with an Aux-jack install?
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