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long tube headers and less restrictive exhaust system

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Has anyone gone to the trouble of installing long tube catless headers and a more flow through exhaust on their 3.0 B9? Just wondering if i could gain 10 hp and have a great sound. Their is a guy in my neighborhood with a Jeep, V8, very noticeable exhaust system and special wheels, all black. I think I could duplicate that image with the Special Tribeca, my Signature SV-104 forged black power coated chrome wheels, and headers, no cats (State of Washington does not require EPA testing for car made before 2009), and a flow through muffler. Any ideas? Sort of going down the WRX/STI rabbit hole here.
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I think raptor makes headers for the Subaru 6, but I'm not sure if anyone has done it. I would think there would be issues with the o2 sensors not working properly and therefore check engine lights. - this guy has done almost everything possible on 3.0 h6, though in legacy and manual.
lambdas are ok. custom tune would certainly help.
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