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Jacking points

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Since this is a safety issue I thought I'd do a page:

If you can't see the pics you need to register on our site but it's free to do so.


PS never ever use the OEM jack for anything other than changing a tire and even then if you don't have to and can, use something else. They are notoriously unstable.
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Hi Peaty

From the pictures that you have posted for jacking points using the floor jack
for the front do you have to remove the plastic cover under the b9t before you can use the floor jcak ?

No you don't, the plate is behind the plastic area, if you get under there you can see the plate you put the jack on.
There is a plate bolted with 4 bolts. It is partially hidden by a plastic cover. There doesn't appear to be a good spot to grab by a jack on this plate unless the plastic cover is removed.

However the back 2 bolts are bolted to a horizontal profile/bar.*Is this the jacking point?
no the plate with the 4 bolt is the jacking plate.
Thank you! Then I would have to remove the plastic cover to expose the entire surface of the plate.
This is the plate overlapped by the plastic cover:

Slightly different view:

This is the plate with the cover bolt removed and the cover bent down slightly that I could take the picture:

I think if one attempts to lift the vehicle with the plastic cover in place, the cover would crack. The plastic cover is part of the entire large panel that would have to be removed to lift the vehicle.

How do you guys do it?
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