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I'm new to the forum, this is my new Tribeca

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Hi, I'm Esteban from Chile (South America)

I just bought a 2011 Subaru Tribeca 3.6R in decent shape, just to replace our beloved 2005 Subaru Outback 3.0R.

This is it:

Now I'm going to perform a preventive maintenance to keep it working great. I will be asking a lot of questions to do it right.

As the forum is named "B9 Tribeca", is the 3.6 generation also included here? Or in a separate forum?

For now, can anyone share with me the "scheduled services or maintenances according to mileage" please? I'm not sure of the exact name of the file, it is just 1 page with all the services that we have to perform or check. This is the example for my 2005 Outback:

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Congratulations on a car! and yes - a lot of 3.6 people around here too.
if you want to truly take care of the car - that's not an easy task. and Subaru maintenance schedule is borderline bullshit. remember - their goal is to sell more cars. yours (I assume) - is to maintain THIS particular car for as long as possible.

I have written multiple times - what I think is necessary and other people have added their views too. one of examples - New to Subaru - 2008 Premier with 155k miles - love it...
about transmission fluid - Tranny fluid drain and fill

or, if you want to be willing put some effort in helping(criticising, asking questions, telling how it went etc) - I can put up more detailed list with explanations and references.
not sure about excel file... which post is it or link?
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