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Hey Peaty!!!

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Hey, I noticed you have an 06 Tribeca now. Last time I was messing around on line you have Forester XT. When did you get rid of that? Anyway, The wife and I just made a deal on an 06 Tribeca at Dale Martens here in Lawrence about $2k under invoice. 7 passenger Ltd. with Nav, DVD, etc. Just figured I would drop a line to say hello and wondering how your experience with the Tribeca is going. The wife tooks months trying to find something she liked. She had an 06 Civic Si but was not impressed. Ended up driving BMW's, Lexus, Audi, etc....but loved the fit and finish of the Tribeca. Thought I would just say hi from another Lawrence many have you seen in town anyway?
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Not sure how I missed this thread. I didn't sell my Forester, we traded my wifes Outback for the B9. We've been having very good luck with ours. It's over a year old now. I've seen a white one around here and there and I know that a friend of my daughter got an 07 B9 last week or so. What colour is yours?
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