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Hello there. Just finished registering and thought I would introduce myself.
We have a 06 Tribeca with 40k miles on it. The only problem we have had is that the car seems to have a appetite for the H7 low beam bulbs, I don't know if they overheat or what. they are only lasting a few months. We had one other odd thing I can't figure out. Seems a mouse was able to find its way into the cars interior ( the windows were up)to get some crackers my daughter left in the car. Caught the mouse and relocated , maybe should have kept it as it must of been of higher intelligence than most other mice.
We love the car, it is comfortable, pulls our jet ski like it wasn't even there and is fun to drive.
Also have a 99 Outback with 150K on it. We have owned it since it was new. Did a head gasket last year and the bores look brand new, no ring ridge and lots of hone marks. It has been a great car and hope it keeps going , at least to the Trbeca is paid off.

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