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Hello! HB_Dad is here!

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Hello! HB_Dad is here! I will mostly respond to news posts as I am always looking ahead for what's coming down the pipeline. Hopefully this site will add a Tribeca-specific News and Rumor section soon.

I do not own a Tribeca yet (on my third Outback) but plan to for my next Subaru shortly. I am waiting for the '06 clearance, but might just grab an '07 as I like the new available features (especially the MP3 player port and rear-cam).

I plan to buy an Atlantic Blue Pearl Tribeca if I get an '06, and since that color is replaced by "Newport Blue" for '07, I'll either go with that (after i see how it looks) or go with that *****in' new dark grey color for '07. I might invest in th chrome kit either way since they should be available at the dealerships and appear to fit both year vehicles since there are no apparant body changes.

I am 33 currently, am happily married, have two young daughters and live in Huntington Beach. I am also a videogame designer.

By the way, yes, I am the same HB_Dad from and :)
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Welcome! My wife is telling me I need to look at an SUV in a couple of years (we just had a baby in November). I may end up with a Tribeca then.

Video game designer, eh? Work for anyone we've heard of?
Welcome to the site!
klaymon said:
Video game designer, eh? Work for anyone we've heard of?
My last project was 2005 PS2 Game of The Year last year by many media sources, so yes, you may have heard of it. I'll let you guess which one as I am over it and have moved on to new things. I have since left that large company in favor of a smaller more family-like atmosphere with less politics involved and a different audience.
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