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Hello All!

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I have never had an emotional attachment to my cars (unlike my motorcycles) – until now. My cars have always been about utility – first pickups and later SUV’s. They served my purposes, but they weren’t romances.

I really had no intention of buying a car for myself. My wife had been lobbying for the past several months for a replacement for her (vgc) ’96 Taurus – and then she had a frightening near miss. She was clipped by an inattentive older woman who ran a red light - @45mph+ - bounced off the front bumper of the Taurus, and spun through the intersection. She slammed into a steel light pole (bending it), and totaled the new Benz SUV she had been “driving”. And walked away. My wife (Annie), unhurt – and having sustained only minor scratches on her front bumper - saw the condition of that vehicle and learned the merits of side-curtain airbags. Her lobbying became insistence, and so we began our research.

We determined that the Forrester offered her the utility and safety we were looking for – and so went shopping.

I should interject that I had been intrigued by the Tribeca since first seeing one advertised – I wasn’t sure if they were fugly or cool, and that itself piqued my curiosity.

So now were at the local dealership, exploring the possibility of purchasing the Forester that Annie had just fallen in love with – an admittedly beautiful black LL Bean model. (I thought a black car was impractical – but that was her choice. During these negotiations she suggested that I test drive the Tribeca – and that if I liked it, we might consider buying it as well. After all, my ’94 Trooper was getting pretty old. So I did.

And fell in love with a stunning black Tribeca.
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Welcome and post some pics of both cars :)
glad to have you here!
Kevin said:
Wait, you fell in love, but did you buy it? If so post pics. What did you like/dislike about it?
Of course I bought it (and the Forrester) - how could I not...

I'll post pics as soon as I can find the time to take them - hopefully this weekend.

As to what I like/dislike about it:

(Keep in mind that I'm coming from a 12yr. old Trooper) - I love the comfort, quiet, perceived safety, power delivery & brakes. I'm not so enamored with the fuel efficiency (maybe if I kept it below 80), sound system (base model - no aux input, mediocre tuner [sound - not capture ratio/selectivity]), and the fact that I am compelled to clean it daily.
Forester not Forrester :p

For a good Forester site check out :tup:

Welcome to the two scoobie club

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Nice pic Peaty... Whats done to the FXT?
Just a few things:

My Forester XT :) 2004 MT

Current list of mods I've done in no particular order:

Most all of which have been documented in excruciating detail on our website in the Forester Section:

glovebox light retrofit
cabin air filter
Single turbo boost gauge OEM
V1 stealth install / remote display
cargo nets / setback and side OEM
Auto Dim / Compass Mirror
Front Bumper guard OEM
StonGard Clear-Bra
Debadged (all but AWD)
Window Tint 35% front 4 / 25% rear 35%
Security System Upgrade - OEM
Subwoofer upgrade (Pioneer 5x7)
Arm Rest Extension OEM
Rubber Mats OEM
STi Drivers Side Wiper Blade
Mask Warning Label on Visors
Optima Red Top Battery
Kartboy Battery Hold Down
Kartboy Short Shifter
Kartboy front and rear shifter bushings
Kartboy Rear Diff Bushings
Kartboy Tranny X-Member Bushings
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
OEM Subaru MOMO shift knob
02 JDM WRX STi Hood Scoop
WRX MOMO Steering wheel
Redline Accessories Leather Shifter and e-brake boot.

WRX 4-Pot Front calipers w/ Carbotec Bobcat pads
Brembo Front Rotors
00+ Legacy rear rotors
OZ Racing Superleggra 17" x 7 wheels
McGuard Spline drive lugnuts
20mm USDM 04' STi rear swaybar - mounting hardware
Kartboy rear sway bar end links
Mo_Boost Weldmount link supports
JDM Forester STi SG take-off suspension
Mo_Boost Rear strut tower truss style bar

HyperGround grounding system
PIAA Ion crystal H3 Fog bulbs
FIAMM Highway Blaster horns
+50 Vision H4 headlamps
StonGard Headlamp / Fog-lamp protectors

Redline - Tranny - rear- motor - Purple Ice, coolant
Helix Catch can
Cobb SF Short Ram Intake
Silencer Removal (AKA Snorkus)
OEM Fender hole plug
2.3mm boost restrictor
DIY IC Screen
Samco Silicone IC Y hose
IC Water Spray System
Mo_Boost Clock Replacment, Data Display and IC Auto Spray Controller
Cobb SS 3" TurboBack Exhaust
Cobb SS Solid Uppipe
Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
Cobb AccessPORT - Stage 2

More pics here:

Best time so far 13.6 @ 101 MPH
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OZ Superleggeras :bow: Nice car Peaty!
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