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Hey all,

I'm a long time Subie loyalist who made the jump into an 08 DGM 7 passenger Limited.


The engine mapping is fantastic. the lower end grunt is super usable and leaps into action. Compared to my 03 Outback H6, it's a completely different engine as far as performance goes. It doesn't hurt that regular gas is part of the performance paridigm.

Interior is top notch for a Subaru. Granted it's still a bit plasticy, but who cares, it's the best interior Subie has come up with.

Noise reduction is fantastic. I've had an 02 bugeye WRX and the 03 'back and this by far trumps both of them in road noise (lack thereof)

Current pricing makes it a steal, even from the stealerships perspective. I am not bragging, but informing that this is possible on the 08 leftovers. You can get invoice pretty much straight away, and most of the holdback that dealers are "holding back", PLUS over 3750 in rebates from the factory. We got ours down to 27800 plus taxes, tags, and some "documentation fees". The dealer still tried to charge for window etching at 289.00 plus a mysterious increase of 127.00 We pretty much threatened to walk out unless those were taken off. The dealer made very little money on this sale.

The holdback was the hardest part but even that wasn't so hard since the 09's are now in the showroom so they HAVE to get rid of the 08's.

I will post pictures soon.

Documentation fees, they seem to pop up no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, I didn't fight it as hard as the other stuff.
As far as the car goes, probably the only thing we can complain about is the lack of storage with the 3rd row up. We have two little guys that we use a double stroller with. So, if we need to haul 6 people, we don't have any room in the interior for the double stroller. It will have to go on the roof. Not the biggest deal, but 3 more inches would have made a huge difference.

Overall, we got a great deal on a great car, long live the Tribeca! :lol::lol:
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