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Give the moderators the ability to...moderate

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We can't edit posts :D

Or delete, or lock, or whatever.

eatV8 - I CAN!!!!
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You got edited.
Well, I suck.

nandanrp's edit: well normally I'd clean blasphemy like that up, but it's true in this case.
OMG Nandan... You're a mod and I just had to move your post to the correct forum! This is a site bug or problem. Not a suggestion :) LOL
LOL whoops :lol:

I'm not a real mod, since I can't even move it myself!
I'm powerless also.
Yes! I feel the power rushing back in now! Thanks Ben.
So that's where all the old school IWSTI mod's escape to.....:lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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