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Maxspeedingrods 4340 H-Beam Subaru connecting rods sale <O:p</O:p
Application: <O:p</O:p
EJ20/EJ25 Rods <O:p</O:p

Features: <O:p</O:p
- Precision forged 4340 EN24 aircraft chrome moly quality steel<O:p</O:p
- ARP 2000 or ARP L-19 bolts installed<O:p</O:p
- 2-Piece forging for increased strength <O:p</O:p
- Multi-stage heat treated processes <O:p</O:p
- Packaged in weight tolerance per set: end to end +/- 1 gram <O:p</O:p
- All forging are X-rayed, sonic tested and magnafluxed <O:p</O:p
- Shot peened to stress relieve the metal <O:p</O:p
- Precision alignment sleeves positively locate the rod cap, maintaining big end bore size and eliminating cap walk<O:p</O:p
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Maxspeedingrods 4340 EN24 Billet Steel Crankshafts Sale</ST1:p<O:p</O:p
Engine: EJ20/EJ25
Stroke: 75mm or 79mm
Fit centre and rear thrust type both
Max HP: 1200HP

Maxspeedingrods introduction <O:p</O:p
We are the professional high performance parts company which has more than 20 years experience to design and manufacture aftermarket car parts. We specialized in high performance forged 4340 EN24 crankshafts and 4340 H-Beam connecting rods for various engines, which is including for BMW, DATSUN, FIAT, FORD, CHEVY, HONDA, MITSUBISH, DODGE, FERRARI, KAWASAKI, MAZDA, NISSAN, OPEL, PEUGEOT, PONTIAC, PORSCHE, SUBARU, TOYOTA, VOLKSWAGEN and VOLVO. All our high performance parts manufactured by advanced CNC machine and passed high stand inspection. We also offer OEM service. <O:p</O:p

Over the past 20 years, we've built our reputation on the highest quality engine parts and combined with first class service to all our customers. Thousands of our racing connecting rods and crankshafts are selling to worldwide every year under many famous private labels in the racing industry. You've probably used our products without even knowing it. So please do not surprise when you recognize our rods which are exactly same as you used before. We've stood behind some of the biggest performance suppliers too long and it's time to launch our own brand MaxSpeedingRods now.<O:p</O:p

Contact Details<O:p</O:p
Sales Manager: Jackie <O:p</O:p
[email protected]<O:p</O:p
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