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Well were most likely trading the 08 Tribeca in & figured I'd check w/you guys first about selling off some mods we've done to our 08 DGM Tribeca, before the trade in.

First would be the STI fat fives. (These are an awesome OEM upgrade & fit like stock) $400 w/trade. I'd need a set of stockers to replace them, though. So we could do a straight swap (only if you have rims in nice shape/no curbage & good tires/plenty of tread) mine are immaculate, have 33 k & have been rotated every 6k. If a swap then an addl 65.00 to cover the TPMS calibration. (OR) We swap tires & TPMS from the wheels at a shop & you pay the mt & balance for 8 wheels.
Second would be the DGM color matched grille assembly & rear marker lamps. $100 w/trade. Straight swap (only if yours are in good shape) These were profesionally done & match perfect from Mike Face (responsible for multiple magazine & sema cars) w/no cost spared to be done right. I hated the chrome & hence had them painted. (have receipts)




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