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Front Brush Guard

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Today I saw a Tribeca with a front brush guard. I thought it looked great, the GF didn't care for it. Has any one seen a Tribeca with a brush guard yet or know of the company that makes them? It looked similar to this one, just without the horizontal bars going accross.

It came up to just under the bottom of the grill. They had a bumper guard on the rear also, but it looked out of place.

Any info?
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I have never seen it... i ws actually thinking about it. never knew it was available.
I contacted Romik and they informed me that they carry the side-steps and bull guard for the Tribeca's. I'll post up more as soon as I get pics and more info.
That's a little different then the one I saw. Not bad, but I'm not really crazy about it either.
I'm interested in the side steps, and have emailed him as well.
Yeah, it just doesn't look right. Maybe they need to show us a black powder-coated one. LOL.

Someone mentioned on NASIOC that the side steps might block the puddle lights from shining on the ground. Argh! I like those steps would make it easier for my toddler to get into the car herself. LOL.

They now sell products for the Subaru Tribeca. You all can thank me later ;)
Though described as boltless, the side steps, particularly for the Tribeca, needs drilling. There apparently are no mounts under the car.

A step in the directions require you to manipulate a U bolt through one hole, and then out the other.

Romik had another supplier, but their link didnt work. They're based in Allentown, and if I can pick one up today, I might go there and pick it up.

The most frustrating thing about them (trucknsuv) is their communication. Calls and emails are sent somewhere, and it takes them some time to respond. It really doesnt give me much confidence in ordering from them.
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Ouch...drilling? on my wife's brand new Tribeca? My wife would kill me. LOL.
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