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On my way home, I needed some laundry detergent so I stopped at the local supermarket. I picked up a flat of water before checking out with a medium sized bottle of Tide. I place the bottle on top of the water and walk out to the car while holding the keys in my hand. Now, this flat contains about 40+ bottles of water so it is not easy to carry. As I approach the car, I realize that the tailgate does not open automatically like it does on my mom's SUV (hint hint Subaru!) and I have to set the flat down on the top of the rear bumper pad and support it with my knee. A gentlemen next to me notices the precarious position I have myself in and asks if he can help. I say, "Sure, when I pull the water away from the pad can you open the trunk for me."

After he does this and I put the water away, he asks me about the Tribeca and says that he too is a Subaru owner (and from Colorado) and wanted to know how I liked my Tribeca. I swear I felt like I was in a commercial giving him my professional impressions without hiding the things I think could be improved. The last question out of his mouth was, "Does it have a lot of room." I said it has enough room for 7 passengers plus a some bags. It is great for weekend trips to the mountains, picking up people from the airport, or even giving tours of Celebrity homes in Beverly Hills and Bel Air. I can do just about everyting in my Tribeca. Get one!'

Subaru should give its customers' commissions because we probably account for more vehicle sales than their salesman do.
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People do show interest. Before I purchased, I spoke to a couple of owners in parking lots (one thought I was a bum looking for a handout at first :lol:) to get owner perspective.
I seem to get more positive comments on the B9 than almost any other subaru I've owned (except maybe my 99RS) Mostly from non Subaru owners though. Many just love the new look but really like the interior quite a bit. I'm still just OK with the looks myself (like a lot of die hard subaru people) but the inside is stellar if you ask me :)
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