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flasher location?

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does anyone know where the flasher is located at?
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the electronic flasher that controls the turn signals (its a small box with plugs, its usually near or with the fuses i think)
Best I can do right now


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thanx peaty your awesome...
happy to help.

If you find it and can take a pic that would be cool. I'd put it on the scoobymods site with the above diagram.

Why are you looking for it? Is there a problem or you have a project? Just curious.
i just took a quick look and did find it. i will take a pic when i get into it. i am changing out all of my tail,brake, and turn signal bulbs to l.e.d., and you need to either add resistors to the turn signal wires or upgrade the flasher so you wont get a fast blinker. (since the led's draw a much lower current, the system thinks you have a blown bulb and you get that really fast blinker rate.)

btw i installed a reverse sensor system and your description and pics really helped (it was much easier than i thought it would b) thanx
On the back up system, something I need to add to my install. I felt the system was pointed at too much of a downward angle, I took one of the mounting brackets (big flat part with the tail stock) and cut the tail part off (about 4") and stuck it under the back side of the sensor with some double sided tape. This angled it up just a little bit, now it does not go off as quickly when I'm backing out of my driveway which has a down hill slope. It would see the street and go off. If you need more details let me know.
i actually went with a different system(, which offered sensors that angled, and i put right into the black bumper(like on the '07). this particular system has a wireless display that i mounted on the front dash (that i powered using your thread about "switched power" info). it works well and i am happy with it. i live in brooklyn ny and have to parallel park daily.

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